Frequently Asked Questions

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Yohelp is a platform for businesses and shoppers. Business can submit their own company information through a form online and receive some rating from the consumer. It is completely free to use Yohelp. Our aim is to simplify the shopping experience and to give a trusted platform to the consumer.
Yes. Yohelp is completely free to use, and you can manage up to 10 URL per account.
Yes and No. We believe when your business is legit in regard to the United Kingdom, the consumer has the right to know where or how to contact you. To delete your company data we will require more details from you. Please contact us:
Yes. You can delete your account anytime. Go to your profile setting, and you will find at the bottom of the page a "delete account" option.
Yes. You can submit information on a business. However, you do agree on all our terms and conditions when submitting a business. Our staff do check this information. If this details submitted are false and done in purpose to damage the image of a brand or company; you will risk seeing your account banned.
Yes, we are working hard to have this tool implemented to our system very soon.
No, you do not need an account. It is very easy to submit a score on